Tuesday, 21 March 2017


It really doesn't get any better than when a client tells you their preferred style is the same as yours. Working on this living and dining space was my first official project and it will be a hard one to beat. The couple (and their little boy) live in the heart of Cork with beautiful views overlooking the city and beyond. Most of the landmarks can be seen just sitting at their dining table so my first goal for this transformation was to really make this view part of their space. 
The second goal was to brighten up the space while keeping it warm and homely. 
The last goal was to create clear designated areas in the large space for relaxing, reading, playing and dining.

I achieved the first goal by replacing the heavy roman blinds in the bay window with light full length curtains, making sure the curtain poles were placed a little higher than usual to maximise the light. 

Brightening up the space was an easy task - changing the wall and ceiling colour instantly lightened the space. Keeping it warm and homely was achieved with the addition of some greenery, warm wood tones and colourful accessories. 

Creating clear designated areas was resolved by arranging new and existing furniture correctly as well as removing some pieces that were clogging up the space and restricting the traffic flow in the room. 

Between sourcing vintage pieces, choosing bright, vivid colours and even a bit of upcycling - it really was a pleasure to work on.