Monday, 27 February 2017


Gallery walls are a great way to introduce art and memories into your space. There's no real hard and fast rules for displaying your gallery wall (it can be as quiet or wacky as you want) but I find that a few things really help so that it visually looks well as a whole and works with your space.

photo by Naomi Kamat

Before you start hammering your picture hooks into your plaster, lay out all your frames, canvases etc on the floor. This gives you a chance to play around with the layout and choose the best option for your display. Take a photo of your final idea and this will be your guide for when you're placing them on the wall. 

I'm an eclectic gal but I do find that most gallery walls, whatever your style, look better with a bit of variety going on. Instead of sticking to just one type, mix it up a little. Or a lot! New frames, old frames, canvases, wall hanging, embroidery hoops...if you can hang it up, you can add it in!

If you are going for a slightly varied gallery wall, do try to keep a bit of order. One of the best ways I find to achieve this is to have equal spacing in between each piece. I usually judge this by eye so it's never exact but it does help to make the gallery wall as a whole look more cohesive. 

Cathy x


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